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Illidan was right! We are not prepared! Come join us and together we can be <Ill prepared>

Who we are

  • We are an 18+ community
  • We are LGBTQ+ Friendly. IF that makes you uncomfortable, you should probably not be here.
  • We are a team of friends
  • We are an Everything Guild, we do RP, PvP, PvE and everything in between.

Joining the Guild

  • We recruit the person, not the pixels. We search for quality folk here.
  • We do our recruiting through chat channels, and word of mouth.
  • If you wish to join feel free to contact a member or officer.
  • we will welcome you in with a 2 week trial period, kick the tires and see if the guild fits your needs.
  • We have a Recruitment discord channel you don't need permission to join the channel just join up and tag an officer or guild vet and we can get you in as soon as possible!

Leadership roles & What is expected

Leadership roles in the guild are decided based on demonstrated ability as well as the need for a leader in a particular spot. You can be assured that your leaders are working hard to make the game more fun for you. While the reason behind every decision may not always be apparent at the moment an order is issued, all orders from officers need to be immediately followed. If errors are made, they should be reported to the GM where they will be dealt with and, if needed, changes made to the officer team. Absent those changes, all officers should be listened to as though it was the GM issuing the order.


  • The Current Guild Master is Kareus
  • The GM's role is to be the final word in guild issues and policy.
  • They maintain the guild in all aspects and will cover their officers when needed.

Assistant GM

  • The Current Assistant GM is Surakai
  • Same as above, but because of game restrictions we can not have 2 GMs in the same rank.


  • Jedly - Raid / PvE officer, Ecaz RP Officer, Bashantix PvP officer
  • The officers take up the mantle of one aspect of the game (RP, PvE, PvP, General Guild.) and then create & execute events for their aspect.
  • Each officer will be required to assist in general guild maintenance, Recruiting, Interviews,  Promotions, Demotions Etc.
  • Each officer needs an authenticator before they will be promoted to this rank.

Guild Veterans

  • Guild Veterans are people that have been with the guild for a while or that have shown a deep commitment to the guild
  • Members may nominate other members to become a Guild Veteran. Speak well.
  • Other Guild Veterans and up (Officers, But not the GMs) will read the nominations, and then vote. A majority vote is required to advance. In the event of a tie the GM will make the call.

Guild Member Conduct

  • The EULA will be enforced. All guild rules bow to the EULA. If you are found to be violating the EULA the membership and officer corp. has a duty to report you.
  • Respect every person in the guild. The golden rule applies.
  • Real life first and foremost, do not neglect your family to play this game. We and it will be here when you return. =)
  • If a guild member asks you to stop with a discussion because for some reason they are offended or they would rather not have this discussion in guild chat please accommodate them. (Examples: Rape, Gore, other extreme subjects)
  • Upholding of all guild values and rules is required of all members. There are no exceptions whether you are a member for 10 days or 10 years. All members must maintain the values of the guild.
  • Make friends in the guild. At our core we are a Team of Friends. So make friends. Those friendships make us strong.
  • We are a TEAM of FRIENDS. Backing up your guild mates is expected because they will do the same for you. Guild members understand that sometimes personal character sacrifice is needed for the team to complete a mission. We don’t view it as personal sacrifice, however, because we are helping out a friend and that is more important than loot or pixels on a screen.
  • Members need to behave in a mature, team focused manner. Self-focused, loot focused, immature people will not be tolerated.
    1. Officers are expected to do so and then some, you must be above contempt.
  • Please do not discuss guild matters on a public forum. We wish to resolve issues in house. If there is an issue please speak to an officer. If the issue is with an officer please speak to the GM.
  • If you choose to ERP, Do it somewhere out of the way or entirely in a 3rd party chat program. Keep it out of guild chat or other guild channels. If need be make a private channel for you and your friends.
  • {Edit 11/14/2016 By surakai} Your name must be some what PG-13. Names like Thunderkuntz will not be tolerated.
  • {Edit 3/27/2017 By Surakai] Rumors should be discussed with leadership to solidify it's truth or falsehood - Leadership Please stamp out any rumors that are untrue. If you are unsure of the standing of a rumor please discuss it with the other officers. discord is a great tool to communicate use it please.
  • {Edit 3/27/2017 by Surakai) Depending on the extent of the rumor membership may be subject to the tribunal

Problem Resolution

Issues covered; Sexual harassment, General “Drama”, any issues not covered will be taken on a case by case basis. Those notes will be in the bottom of this section

  • Please attempt to resolve the issue between yourselves first. If this is not possible, please seek out an officer so they may assist you in resolving the issue.
  • Sexual harassment: JUST FUCKING DON'T!
    • The offending party will be removed from the guild, Regardless of rank if found guilty.
  • General drama
    • While drama can be used as an umbrella statement we will take each on a case by case basis.
    • Again, please attempt to resolve the issue between yourselves first. The less people involved the better. BUT if it is needed please involve the officers or GM, we will assist in fixing the issue.
  • Punishments
    • While punishments are necessary, all punishments will be determined by the tribunal. (please see below for tribunal explanation and rules)
    • The GM will have final say on all punishments.

The Tribunal: “You will be judged by your peers in the court for your crimes”

  1. Explanation: The tribunal is a way to include all guild members into a fair and unbiased punishment system. The tribunal works exactly like a court. Jury duty and all.
  2. Rules and Guidelines: Everyone will eventually serve as part of the tribunal.
  • All who are members of the guild will be randomly selected to serve on the tribunal.
  • The tribunal will have at all times, six (6) members that are from any rank within the guild that are selected to serve for a 2 month period on the tribunal. There will be exactly one (1) officer that is randomly selected from the officers to serve as the 7th tribunal member and for lack of a better term, a judge.
  • All crimes will be reviewed by the seven and a punishment will be determined. This can include, but is not limited to, demotion, promotion, removal from the guild, immunity from the case, perma-ban etc.
  • There must be 4/7ths vote for a punishment to pass. This will ensure that there are no ties.
  • All punishments and votes for punishment will be sent to the GM for review after it has been put into motion.
  • While we strive for an unbiased punishment system, you as a guild member must be forthcoming if you are on the tribunal for a case that you have personal interest in. You will be replaced for this specific case with another guild member.
  • If there are any appeals they should be reported to the GM directly and immediately.


Video guides channels on youtube -

Look at the flow chart to the right. whoever crafted this thing is a god and you need to worship them as such! READ IT AND LIVE!

Raiding days: At the time of this edit we are searching for a good second day for our raid group. But the standard is Wed & Thurs 5Pm form up and we go for 3 hours. the raid leader is Jedly

Raid flow chart

Latest activity

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